Gemini the Aries

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"With each hit she gets stronger, and she uses that energy to fight back. That’s why she’s special."

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weiss schnee made a joke and it’s really important because at least she’s trying okay

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New Bae Alert!!!
↳ White Fang’s ice cream, Neo(?) ♥


Did her iris change colour?

yeah! my theory is that one of her eyes changes colour when shes putting up doubles! at least i think its doubles with the way they shattered and appeared somewhere else, if that makes any sense

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ryan haywood face appreciation - the patch #65 (x)

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Here’s to you.

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That’s definitely plotting.

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Listen here

1) One Minute More-I Hate Kate

Can we pretend we feel alright one minute more/As you hold me underwater just one minute more/And when I take the breath that saves me/And I see you standing on the other side/I wake up screaming and confused/As our reckless worlds collide

2) Say Anything-Say Anything

Condemn my race to genocide/if it meant that I could lay with you/I’d listen to a piercing squeal on a loop/to make this real with you/Forfeit, ground my civil-rights/if it meant I‘d save the life of you/I’d spit upon a bible, dear/if it meant I’d stay right here with you

3) Son of a Gun-Motion City Soundtrack

I know I’m a son of a gun/Pissing you off just for fun/You’re overdramatic, I’m aerodynamic/It’s oh so romantic/That’s why I’m a son of a gun

4) Cut up Angels-The Used

If we cut out the bad/Well then we’d have nothing left/Like I cut up your mouth/The night I stuffed it all in/And you lied to the Angel/Said I stabbed you to death/If we go at the same time/They’ll clean up the mess

5) Sure Thing Falling-Yellowcard

You’re driving I-4 as you make your way back home/You ride in silence because he will not let go/And you breathe the windows down/It’s a new place that you have found

6) Mute Hearts-Holy Roman Empire

No more words now/Silent hearts/And after everything you’re still the one I want/And this is my own way of telling you I’m wrong/Over and over again we sacrifice our own

7) Unspoken-Darling Thieves

I want to feel that way once again/Want what I cannot have again/And I don’t want to be let down/Unspoken without sound

8) Get Well Soon-Reggie and the Full Effect

You got a lot to learn before I let you go/There’s things you need to see and things you need to know/They say we won’t make it/What do they know?/They say we can’t do it/But I got to know

9) A Decade Under the Influence-Taking Back Sunday

I’m coming over but it never was enough/I thought it through and my worst brings out the best in you

10) One and Only-Timbaland ft Fall Out Boy

I get over heels for someone/That I really can’t deal with/I want to block her out my mind/But I really can’t do it/I tell myself this the last time/I’ma let her do this to me/Whenever we do spend time/I realize that I can’t get enough of you